Parchment Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Side Chair

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Product Description

This beautiful original Herman Miller Eames parchment shell has developed a distinctive natural patina over its many years, making it truly unique. Paired with its used, high quality dark DSW base, this chair is a fantastic version of Charles and Ray’s ‘chair for the masses’.

Parchment was one of the first colours used when the original shell, the arm shell, was introduced in 1950 and it was used ever since, being used on the side shell ever since its introduction in 1952/53. Whilst it may not be the most coveted version of these iconic shells, parchment shells age in their own unique way giving them an almost iconic trait.

Available on its own, as a pair or as a set of four, this chair would make a great addition to any home or even office space due to its neutral and yet unique colour finish.

Individual characteristics

The rich colour of the shell has been aged naturally ever so slightly but it is in generally good vintage condition.

The ‘C’ with the star logo indicates this shell originates from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati Milacron factory.

Investment Value

The value of an Eames shell is affected by many various factors; namely the shells age, condition and factory of origin. These are among the most significant factors that collectors/investors look for. With this shell being one of the original colours the shell chairs were produced in it should see a moderate interest level.

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