Parchment Herman Miller Vintage Eames DAW Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

An original Parchment Eames arm shell for Herman Miller on DAW base is given an air of mystery by sporting the enigmatic Flame logo. The distinctive colour has not been marred by time, retaining its strong, bold finish and sat on its complimentary dark wood DAW base this chair works perfectly as a dining or living chair.

The history of the Eames shells’ is well known, from conception to production, these iconic chairs have maintained firm interest. Throughout their production they were produced by a variety of factories resulting in various logos appearing on the underside of the shells. The Flame logo, however, is one that seems rather hard to define. Its origin is unknown along with what it is meant to represent. What we do know is that shells that display this usually have a bold colour with a highly fibrous finish, which this shell does have.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in fantastic vintage condition with no chips or dents.

The two Triangles on the underside of the shell indicates this shell originates from the General American Transport Company, a factory which was used for a very short period of time.

Investment Details

Eames shells vary in terms of investment value due to so many factors. The age, origin and colour of the shell coupled with its condition are key aspects along with the originality of the base the shell is upon. Parchment is a common colour for these shells, but with this having the Flame Logo on the underside of the shell, it should prove to be a slightly more coveted investment piece.