Parchment Herman Miller Vintage Eames RAR Arm Chair

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Product Description

An excellent example of an original parchment Eames arm shell for Herman Miller sat upon its used light wood RAR rocking base. Parchment shells always age in distinct ways, but this particular shell has managed to retain a deep colour which looks exemplary.

As one of the original colours parchment is a well-known colour for the Eames shell chairs. The distinctive features which aid the colour of these shells are the wonderful fibers that can be seen spider-webbing through the shell. The density of these fibers helps to distinguish the age of the shell – the coveted rope edge version, for example, are richly textured with swirling fibers.

Whilst parchment is one of the most common shells around their unique aging means it is difficult to find two that look exactly the same, which means they all become exclusive in their own way.

Individual Characteristics

The shell has retained a strong pigmentation through its life. There is a small lighter patch on the back which helps give the shell its unique character.

The logo on the underside of the shell indicates it originates from Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

Eames Shell Chairs vary from 1 to 5 stars for investment. The reasons depend on so many factors but mainly the condition, the rarity of the colour, the originality of the base, the age and of course the maker are those that determine. Parchment shells always retain a good base value and with this shell retaining a strong colour it should rise through time.

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