Lemon Yellow Pair (2) Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

A much coveted original Herman Miller lemon yellow Eames fiberglass side shell chair is always popular since they work effortlessly with any interior décor. These particular tops are invigorated by the dark maple DSW bases they are sat upon. One of the original colour choices for the shells, lemon yellow is perhaps slightly more common than the elephant grey and seafoam colours but this does not inhibit its popularity.

The side variant of the iconic shell chairs was the second version to be produced and was done so in 1952/53. The arm shell was the first one to be produced in 1950 from the combined force of Zenith Plastics and Herman Miller.

Individual Characteristics

These particular shells have retained their colour exceptionally well with a rather unique fading to the back. The highly fibrous finish is wonderful and there are no cracks or dents.

These are Cincinnati Milicron shells from Herman Miller as seen by the embossed ‘C’ with star embossed logo on the underside.

Investment Details

The Eames shells range in their investment value depending upon many factors. The condition, age, colour and even origin of the shell can affect the price of each shell. As these are one of the original colours, their investment value is more reasonable than some shells and it should see a steady increase over time.

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