Peach 2nd Generation Zenith Vintage Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A vintage 2nd generation Zenith Eames Peach arm shell is absolutely stunning and looks even better on its used dark wood RAR base. The unique natural patina gives this shell a subtle burst of colour which is accentuated by the sumptuous dark wood of the RAR base.

The second and third generation Zenith shells were the most experimental stage of their production. A multitude of labels and embossed signatures, or even none at all, were applied to the shells alongside various sizes of shock mounts as the perfect combination was being formed.

Salmon was a distinctive colour when produced and its’ ageing process means a wonderful array of distinctive patina’s are produced. This shell is glorious, the natural ageing process has resulted in a striking ‘two-tone’ effect with the front producing a beautifully light orange finish and the back boasts a ‘sunrise’ like red/orange finish.  

Individual Characteristics

The gorgeous natural patina has given this shell a very unique finish. The shell is in excellent vintage condition.

The lack of embossment or label but the large shock mounts indicates this is a second generation Zenith shell.

Investment Details

The Eames’s work is highly coveted. From their artwork to their furniture, their work attracts interest from everywhere. The shells are great investment piece, especially vintage ones. Like many things, their age, factory of origin and even colour can affect the shells’ value. This gorgeous example is an extremely unique 2nd generation Zenith arm shell in an aged orange colour. This chair should see considerable interest over time.

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