Peach Pair (2) Harry Bertoia Vintage Knoll Fiberglass Diamond Chair

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Product Description

A pair of striking, iconic, Harry Bertoia and Knoll Diamond Chairs as they have the rare fiberglass seat top instead of the well-known wire construction. These chairs are also available on their own. It is difficult to pin down why or when this particular chair was produced but it can be assumed it was around the same time as the fiberglass Side Chairs were produced. These chairs are very hard to find, especially as a pair, due to their very limited time of production.

Harry Bertoia is mostly known for his fantastic sculptures and furniture constructed from metal wire, though, as many iconic designers in his day, he produced many pieces from other materials too. The fiberglass series, however, prove to be a bit of a mystery since their production time was very limited and since it is unknown exactly why they were produced, but this has helped maintain interest in these chairs.

Individual characteristics

The peach fiberglass shells are in great vintage condition with no cracks, there are some slight marks common with age along with some paint, but a good clean will remove these.

The black paint on the bases have a natural vintage look with some marks on them, price reflects this.

Investment details

Harry Bertoia’s work is growing in interest; as his work is gaining interest, the value of his pieces is steadily rising. Standard wire versions of these classic chairs have maintained their value and are gradually increasing, but as rare examples such as these should prove to be a valuable investment as the popularity of Bertoia’s designs increases further.