Orange Herman Miller Vintage Eames Upholstered PAC Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A vintage Eames black arm shell chair and Alexander Girard inspired orange upholstered PAC by Herman Miller will make an especially exciting purchase. This particular shell looks very professional with its black shell and orange vinyl upholstery, which brightens any room, whilst sat upon its 4-star contract base, perfect for any home office or office environment. 

The upholstered versions were introduced by Herman Miller in the mid to late 50s after they commissioned their head of design, Alexander Girard, to design new upholstered finishes for the arm and side shells. The combinations and colours he produced are numerous, with fabric and vinyl finishes available, with ones pairing the two and even patterned finishes which really liven up the shells – such as our ‘Names’, ‘Millerstripe’ and ‘Check’ selection.

Individual Characteristics

The orange vinyl finish is in great vintage condition with no tears or lifts.

The contract base is in perfect working order and has no chips or dents.

The ‘S’ inside the circle indicates this shell was produced in Herman Miller’s Summit factory.

Investment Details

Eames shells are always a popular item, but there are many factors which determine their investment value. The age of the shell, the colour of it and the factory it came from all play a part along with the originality of the base. With this shell being orange on black and on an original contract base, it should prove to be a very good investment.