Red Original Knoll Charles Pollock Office Chair Castor base

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Product Description

Designed in 1963, this original Charles Pollock Office Chair produced by Knoll is finished in an elegant red fabric, perfect for any home or office space. With its polypropylene outer shell, urethane foam seat and with the single black metal ‘edge’, matching black arms and its’ striking red fabric upholstery, this chair really does capture the essence of Pollock’s design.

The use of the edging on the chair, according to Pollock, meant that it could act as a guard if it was hit to retain the finish of the chair and it, cleverly, is the piece holding the fabric and shell together. The shell and fabric slotted into ridges in the edging to make the whole chair stable and strong. The simple yet elegant design of this chair has meant Knoll has continuously produced this iconic chair.  

Individual Characteristics

The chair is in good vintage condition with some marks expected with its age. The fabric is in good condition with no lifting or tears. There are some marks on the shell; a small amount of work will help revive it, though the price reflects this.

The base is in very good condition.

Investment Details

Charles Pollock’s chair was an instant hit when first produced and it is easy to see why. With its elegant and modern design, it is easy to understand how it has retained its popularity. With it being a newer example of the iconic chair it may increase in value slowly but it should appreciate over time.