Salmon 1st Generation Zenith Vintage Original Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

An extremely rare find. This is an amazing example of a 1st Generation Zenith Eames arm shell in a distinctive salmon colour and on an original silver RAR base. As one of the four original colours, it is well documented that original orange shells had a tendency to fade over time. This particular shell has experienced this natural aging process, creating a truly gorgeous distinctive patina which looks simply amazing.

The dyeing process was not as refined as it is today which meant the early shells could all fade over their long lifetime. However, this process does not necessarily affect the investment value of this fantastic pieces. Of course, a near factory perfect shell will command a higher price, but the unique aging process helps to define these shells age and gives them a character. The highly fibrous finish of the shells helps with this since, through their ageing, these can become more distinct which really helps define why these shells have become such design icons.

Individual Characteristics

The distinctive patina is perfect, though faded, the shell is in excellent vintage condition. There are no cracks or dents.

Its rope edging and remains of the checkerboard label help indicate this is a first generation Zenith arm shell.

Investment Details

The Eames’s shell chairs have become highly coveted pieces. Their popularity has helped ensure their continued production today. As with many things, their investment value is determined by many numerous factors, but the main ones are age, condition, originality and colour. This particular example is a completely original chair which is comprised of a 1st generation Zenith top and original silver RAR base. Being in such an excellent condition, and in terms of its colour, for its age, this chair is a fantastic investment piece.

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