Super Rare Stephens Trusonic Quadreflex Original Vintage Eames Speaker Enclosure Unit

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Product Description

Introducing one of the rarest vintage Eames designs that can be found, the Stephens Trusonic Quadreflex Speaker Unit, in a simply stunning condition!

Designed in 1956, the Eames' set out to design 2 variations of speaker design, for Culver City based Stephens Tru-sonic, a company with a reputation for high end audio equipment.

The result is spectacular and it remains a mystery how this is not one of the Eames' most well known pieces. Eames fans will notice the lounge chair base as adopted in the unit, giving a fantastic method of rotating the speaker to any desired position. This, the larger rectangular version was available in either a white or a black finish but either is seldom seen today.

Individual Characteristics

This unit is simply beautiful! It is complete, so clean and tidy and full functioning and working speaker!

There is some ageing to the top of the case, but nothing that is other than aged patina of the item.

The speaker measures: 75.7cm wide x 33.7cm in depth x 72.3cm in height.

Investment Details

Finding an example of a fully intact, fully working and operational, beautiful Stephens Trusonic unit designed by the original Eames Office is near on impossible, especially in Europe. This unit is in a truly wonder condition and is an investment piece of the highest possible rarity and value will always grow in time.