1 x Vintage Antique Art Deco 1920's Lounge Dining Chair - Black & White

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Product Description

We actually have no idea who the designer or manufacturer of this chair design was but we just fell in love with it the moment it came in! The true art deco form is mesmerising and the construction and visual appeal are exceptional.

The chair is made using a really heavy gauge of steel, typical of the 1920s and has considerable weight despite its slender design.

The chair is entirely original and in great vintage condition for a 90 year old chair. 

Individual Characteristics

The black frame has survived the years very well indeed, perhaps due to the heavy, quality gauge of steel used in its construction. There is one or two marks on it as you may expect.

The very old seat pad has signs of wear and some marks as you would expect, especially being white.

Investment Details

With some research and finding the original designer, manufacturer and correct 1920's year would add some considerable providence and value to this. Without it, at present it is likely to be lower investment value with typical increases.

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