Herman Miller Vintage Eames Upholstered Arm Shells on 3733 Tandem Bench With 3702 Table

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Product Description

A unique vintage Eames and Herman Miller tandem bench sports upholstered black arm shells in original Alexander Girard upholstery and a small centre table. This revolutionary design was introduced in 1963 by the Eameses to update the requirement for seating multiple people in large areas whilst maintaining a compact design. Fantastic for airports, bus terminals and train stations, these amazing pieces helped shape the seating we see in these types of places today.

A cousin of the Eames ETS bench, these variants allowed the owner to use the standard shell tops and change the style of tops they wished to have or could swap them out for table tops. The arm tops on this particular bench are both black shells and covered with original Alexander Girard designed fabric. The black and white covers complement each other whilst the table in the centre gives the bench versatility.

Individual Characteristics

A rare bench which is in good condition with its original centre table top.

The arm shells’ original Alexander Girard fabric is in very good condition with no marks or lifting.

Investment Details

Eames designs are always a popular product to own. Their extensive work ranges from paintings and drawings through films to furniture. Their shell chairs are a much coveted part of their design history and are always great investment pieces to own. The value of them is determined by a multitude of factors but the main ones are the shells condition, its age, the factory of origin and its colour. This particular piece includes 2 black arm shells, covered in Girard’s fabric and the tandem bench which should mean they will prove to be a good investment.