'Miller Stripe' Herman Miller Vintage Eames DSR Side Chair With Alexander Girard Upholstery

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Product Description

This amazing chair combines an original vintage Eames Herman Miller side shell chair with the dazzling original Miller stripe upholstery by Alexander Girard! Placed on the used black DSR base, this chair really is a statement piece.

Charles Eames introduced his friend Alexander Girard to the Herman Miller Corporation, igniting a good many years’ worth of extraordinary textile design. Girard instantly began producing brand new designs for both fabrics and for wallpaper and his love for his friends shell chairs meant it was inevitable that his designs would adorn the iconic shells.

This particularly mesmerizing design was one of many Girard produced that were simply lines, either of alternating colours or using a mixture of bold and fine lines to create some amazing designs. Check out the likes of the ‘Jacob’s Coat’ and ‘Toostripe’ versions of this design style.

Individual Characteristics

The fiber shells are in great vintage condition with no cracks, chips or defects.

One of the screw-in lugs on the underside of the shell has been replaced sometime in the past, but does still work; it only creates a slightly different appearance to the underside of the shell but will not be seen when on the base.

The Alexander Girard fabric for Herman Miller is in a good condition. There are some small marks on it but there are no tears or cuts.

Investment Details

Eames Shell Chairs vary from 1 to 5 stars for investment. The reasons depend on so many factors but mainly the condition, the rarity of the colour, the originality of the base, the age and of course the maker are those that determine. Excellent examples of a lovely combination such as this represents a good value investment.

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