1 x Vitra George Nelson Authentic Coconut Chair - White Shell With Black Leather

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Product Description

As head of Herman Miller's extensive furniture department during the illustrious mid century design era, George Nelson needs no introduction and neither does his Coconut Chair. 

Made to give the appearance of a slice of coconut, this chair is an absolutely incredible visual masterpiece from top to bottom.

This chair has also had an interesting life! It was acquired from a supplier of props to Universal studios in Los Angeles! How a Vitra licensed version made it all the way across from Europe to be in the film industry will always remain a mystery but its life has been an interesting one.

Individual Characteristics

This is the Vitra version of the Coconut chair. Vitra's versions are authentic licensed products even if not the original Herman Miller ones.

This chair costs upwards of 4000 Euros new and our price reflects the character this chair has. There are some marks to the leather, mostly on the edges but the seating area and the corers are all in perfect shape, without lifting. It will certainly be possible to treat the small marks too but there are not so many.

In a good vintage condition with a great story.  A visually stunning chair great for practical use. Has Vitra label.

Investment Details

Vintage very old Coconut chairs are impossible to find these days.  These newer Vitra versions are good quality and are made to the highest level. The older of Vitra's versions (such as this one) do fair better and you can expect the value to hold and grow.

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