Walnut Herman Miller Original Eames Moulded Wood Barstool Shell Chair

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Product Description

The Eames’s dream was achieved by Herman Miller with this gorgeous original moulded walnut wood shell chair which sits proudly upon its authentic barstool base. The dream was to create a chair from a single moulded piece of wooden. With modern technology, Herman Miller have achieved this with lovely shell.

The Eames’s set out in the early 1940s to produce this moulded plywood chair. This interest in wood-work resulted in their aiding with the war effort by producing splints, but after the war was over they could get back to their dream; the moulded plywood chair. Their concerted efforts produced the gorgeous and incredibly comfortable plywood selection, the LCW, DCW, LCM and DCM. These iconic chairs were the closest they could get to their dream.

In ways, this helped with the production of the coveted fiberglass shell chairs, being a more pliable material. Herman Miller finally solved the issue of maintaining strength whilst bending wood and produced a range of these fantastic wooden side shells.

Individual Characteristics

As a newer stool, the condition is good. There are some light scratches in the seat shell, expected with being an ex-display model, reflected in its price, but the depth of colour in this gorgeous walnut finish has not been weathered.

The sticker on the underside of the shell indicates it is a newer example of the Herman Miller produced chair.

This variant has the rather unique wooden shock mounts creating a novel way of maintaining a consistent finish to this beautiful shell.

A truly amazing version, this chair is very difficult to find outside of the USA and this particular version being in such condition and on its original base will make a great piece to own.

Investment Value

A very unique version of the Eames’s iconic shell. The successful realisation of their dream has been masterfully done and the initial value of these chairs are greater than the standard fiberglass versions. It would not be surprising to see this chairs’ value increase as collectors who understand the significance of its construction seek them alongside its being in such a fantastic and rich wood.

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