White And Grey Herman Miller Original Eames Contract Table

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Product Description

The perfect dining or conference table. This original Herman Miller Eames contract table finished in white and grey and with its white base is extremely stylish. The elegant design is typical of the Eames’s. Simple but extremely diverse, this table can be used for any occasion in any space.

Charles and Ray were commissioned by Alexander Girard to help design and furnish Miller’s house. The original focus was to have furniture that could be used simultaneously indoors and outdoors and thus began the aluminum group. Over the years, Charles and Ray added to the range with office inspired products such as their iconic Executive Chair and the boardroom inspired rectangular Contract Table. This round Contract variant was amongst these designs with inspiration drawn from the conference room as its focal point. This initial inspiration may seem like it restricts the usability of this table, but the beauty of the Eames’s products is that, whilst inspiration may come from specific areas, the usage of the end product was adaptable for a wide variety of environments. This becomes evident when realizing the likes of the humble ‘office chair’ began life as a multi-purpose indoor/outdoor chair.

Individual Characteristics

The table has been well used but is still in good condition. There are some small marks on the edges and legs but many of these will come off with a good clean.

The table measures roughly 74 cm high and 106 cm in diameter. 

The sticker on the underside indicates this table was produced roughly between 1970 and 1990 by Herman Miller.

Investment Details

Being a newer example of the Contract Table its initial price is lower than older variants, but as time goes by, this table should gradually increase in value.

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