Yellow Vinyl Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered DSR Side Black Shell Chair

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Product Description

An original Herman Miller yellow vinyl upholstered Eames side chair with black shell is not for the faint hearted. This unique combination really looks good, especially on the great condition used black DSR base. It will adorn any dining table, quietly sit in any living space drawing attention from anyone who enters the room or even brighten up an office space with its vibrant colour. Typical of the 70s and 80s, the vinyl finish is cushioned providing a comfortable seating experience whilst providing an easily cleanable surface.

This chair represents a slightly modern approach to the upholstered shells Charles and Ray designed and the vinyl finish was applied to both the side and arm shell variants and the arm version was also made available with a combination of a fabric seat with vinyl backrest and arms. The upholstered designs were constructed with the help of the famous Alexander Girard who helped design a wide variety of colours and fabrics for the Eames shells.

Individual Characteristics

This eye-catching chair is in excellent condition. The vinyl is in good condition with no marks or cuts whilst the black shell is also unmarked.

Investment Details

Eames shell chairs vary in their investment interest depending on many factors. The main few are the age, condition, colour and origin of the shell alongside whether it is on its original base. This particular example is a rather unique finish and, given the condition they are in, they should see a good deal of appreciation.